We are here to deliver proper inventory to each client, to connect publishers with their advertisers.
Dragon Advertising is a programmatic
marketplace for desktop and mobile advertising.
What we do:
  • Desktop, Mobile, In-app advertising
  • In-banner video advertising
  • Header Bidding
Key benefits:
  • Guaranteed inventory
  • Brand safety
  • Responsive, flexible support and easy setup
  • High end ad serving system

Advertising Services
Desktop Advertising
  • key markets: US, GB, CA and Europe
  • global presence, sharp targeting
  • regular anti fraud check
  • GDPR initiative support
  • support all sizes
  • mobile inventory type: web and/or app
  • top categories: entertainment, gaming, tech, lifestyle, sports
  • White and Black lists options (white-listed inventory and referring URL conception)
Programmatic platform powered by oRTB and Header Bidding technology
Dragon Advertising programmatic marketplace is more than an ad exchange,
it's a full stack solution with DSP, SSP, Header Bidding platforms onboard.
We provide customers with prioritized access to the premium marketplace infrastructure
and all tools necessary for proper campaigns attribution and helping your KPI metrics grow.
Smart tech solutions bring you outstanding performance
Dragon Advertising programmatic marketplace promotes the use of intelligent bidding algorithms
based on near real-time processing of incoming data.
- Multi-dimensional Request and Response optimization
- Advanced bidding optimization for CPM
- Server to server RTB endpoints for video display native
- Header Bidding Support
- Malvertising Protection and Traffic fraud verification tools
- VAST\VPAID support
Supply Partners
Dragon Advertising, a full stack of ad monetization solution for digital publishers, welcomes high and mid-volume websites and direct publisher networks.

Brand safe environment
Website content restrictions: adult/suggestive, piracy/illegal, proxy,
hate content, political, religious content, personal blogs, user generated content
World-wide inventory monetization tool
With unlimited access to demand partners, ad publishers can get the most
of their inventory in a highly competitive programmatic environment.
Publisher acceptance key criteria: professional, high-quality designed, high-volume traffic level.
Easy and fast integration
Dragon Advertising guarantees smooth integration and easy implementation
through premium programmatic guaranteed or open real-time bidding auctions.
oRTB integration, Header Bidding or Tags options.
Performs well for all types of inventory and various users devices
Smart matching learning algorithm helps publishers to engage the highest bid eCPMs.
Get access to the world’s largest pool of demand, sell impressions to global advertisers,
and enjoy the unlimited capabilities of real-time bidding.
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